Case Study

Sport & Health Club + Onelife fitness
Ad photography &
video production


As the agency in charge of multimedia for US Fitness, LLC, BLN24 leads the content creation process that is used on advertising print material, broadcast television, social media, and the web.

US Fitness is the 9th largest health club company in the United States. They've been around since 1973, where their first gym opened up in the DC-metro area. Being around for over 40 years is no easy feat requiring constant evolution and change.

The goal was to evolve their brand by creating compelling imagery in a counter move to the new gyms and boutiques. With health being more important than ever in our times, the imagery had to connect with a wide range of ages and demographics.

Project Type
Photography & video Production
Date Launched
January 2018
Our Best Client's Opinion
BLN24 has helped differentiate us from the competition in a compelling and relevant way.